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Conflict Resolution


Ms. Rajczak will mediate with unrepresented parties and where the mediation is successful will prepare a written  Agreement for subsequent signature by the parties. The parties are  referred to separate lawyers for independent legal advice to review the written Agreement.  Alternatively, she will mediate with parties and their lawyers  to facilitate agreement on the terms of the contract and the parties' lawyers prepare the final written Agreement. If the mediation fails the parties may attend before Ms. Rajczak as Arbitrator or a separate Arbitrator retained through NEXT STAGE CONFLICT RESOLUTION to come to a final resolution. 

Parenting Coordination

Parties may  work with Ms. Rajczak to resolve any conflicts that may arise around the implementation of their Parenting Plan. Court ordered residential arrangements are not varied through Parenting Coordination sessions. However, as a Parenting Coordinator, Ms. Rajczak will help parties to resolve a variety of day to day parenting disputes and reduce the impact of discord on their children.  Work with a Parenting Coordinator can often help parents improve their communication and negotiation skills to reduce ongoing conflict.  Ms. Rajczak will make every effort to facilitate authentic, communicative agreement between the parents. Where agreement is not possible, Ms. Rajczak will break the impasse with an arbitrated decision.

Communication Coaching

Through interactive workshops in role playing, improvisation, and holistic breathing and voice techniques, Ms. Rajczak and members of her team will share tools and techniques that will assist family law clients with their inter-family communications and decision making.

Next Stage Conflict Resolution also offers workshops for family law service providers to assist them in coping with stressful environments so they perform and communicate better in court and/or in alternative dispute resolution forums,  and also in more intimate settings with clients.  In the inevitable ups and downs of a family law case, a calm and confident presence can only have a positive and steadying effect on service providers themselves  but also on the families they are trying to serve.


Legal Services


Elder Law

Real Estate

Ms. Rajczak maintains a solicitors practice in Stratford, Ontario (Katharine A Rajczak Professional Corporation) with a focus on Estates, Elder Law and Real Estate.